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Shipping Policy

Once the material is sent to the transporter and it is dispatched from their office, we will share the LR copy (Lorry Receipt) with you, which states your consignment weight along with the consignment number and the transporter contact details.

Yes, the transportation cost is extra. This amount you have to pay directly to the transporter at the time of arrival of your goods.

The lead time of the order depends on where you live in the country. Majority of the material is in stock with us (unless it’s exhausted and being refilled) and the time is taken from delivery could be as less as 2 -3 days if you’re in Maharashtra, and even up to 10-12 days if you’re located in a remote area.

As a rule, we at GRESCASA make sure the product is properly packed before leaving our warehouse. We never dispatch anything broken from our warehouses. Since we have been doing this for 20 plus years, we specifically work with only those transporters who have good knowledge of how to handle tiles. If required, for certain products we even provide extra packaging and padding for added protection. If you want, you can get in touch with us and we can share images of your consignment prior to dispatch.

No, we do not take returns, which is why we provide an “ADD A SAMPLE” option, so you can touch and feel the products before you place an actual order.

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